-What We Offer-


1. Brand Video - Clarify Your Offer

The brand video is the first video people see on your website. This video gives potential customers important product/service information, including how to buy from you. If you're very transparent on your product or service, you'll find it easier to make a sale. We also capture testimonials and FAQ's to help boost awareness about your business.


2. Social Media Videos - Build Rapport With Your Audience

Whatever your social media choice is, these videos are great for your current following to engage with your business or products. These can include how-to videos, product highlights or short promo's. We also can provide you with some great ideas for tools like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories.


---B-Roll promo for Disc Replay in Crest Hill--


--Flourish Juice Co. Frozen Drink Promo--


3. Commercial Campaigns- Paid Traffic Through Social Media Ads

This monthly service allows us to act as the bridge between you and your customers. We utilize the power of video to fine tune your Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns. This is great to generate leads or build traffic to your business. The Info-Graphic below explains the benefits of mixing video with marketing.



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